To Marquees Over Sydney

Marquees Over Sydney comprises of a knowledgeable team with over 15 years’ experience in the Event Industry. Whilst we may be small in size, we are big on service. Our passionate team combines their professional experiences and knowledge in the Event industry to ensure that Marquees Over Sydney provide the highest quality service to meet the specific needs of each client.

We carry a vast range of equipment & are continually increasing our quantities to keep up with demand. Our range of equipment varies from a 2.5m pagoda to 25m Structure with every size in-between. Our furniture range is constantly being updated to supply a larger variety to our clients.

The company employs a strong support team with exceptional experience in a number of industry related fields, including Sales Executives, Event Managers, Wedding Planners, and Event Coordinators who are diligently working together to combine their personal strengths and unique knowledge to understand market growth and to successfully expand the fast growing company exclusively into other markets.

The vision of Marquees Over Sydney is to continue to explore and expand its service areas to other locations outside of NSW. With the company’s growing, visible presence, its coverage area is constantly increasing.

Marquees Over Sydney employees are proud of its knowledgeable team of industry experts whose primary goal is to offer unparalleled quality, affordable services to its existing client base, and potential clients.


As part of our commitment to the community, on an on-going basis, we provide event sponsorships that support charity fundraising events. Over the years, the company has been recognised within the community for providing event equipment to a number of charitable organisations. Whenever we can serve the event equipment needs of organisations holding various fundraising events, we will continue to be proud to assist.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your next fundraising event. Sponsorship is voluntarily provided by our team at Marquees Over Sydney.